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Stardate: 92978.5

To all captains of the Fleet:

This will be the first of many communiqués that will be issued in the coming weeks. Each of these will be designed to keep personnel in the 1st Fleet of the progress of the transition of command, including new projects that are initiated and the status of ongoing tasks. The goal is to keep all captains informed and engaged with Fleet command.

Of course, every commander brings with them their own set of priorities and goals. Under the leadership of FADM Junior (ret.), the role of the Fleet and its command were focused on the development of captains and overall combat readiness of each registered vessel. This will not change. Nor will the culture of the Fleet, the belief that all captains should help each other to explore the galaxy and have a positive experience while doing it, be subject to change. What has made this Fleet so exceptional is that these principles are the bedrock of who we are, and it would make no sense to alter them.

With the understanding that these core values will not change, my priority as the new Fleet Admiral in Charge will be to introduce, over time, a more uniform structure and elaborated protocol for the Fleet as a whole, especially in relation to the chain of command. Where Junior rightly and admirably brought the Fleet to its feet (a Herculean task, to say the least), it will be my responsibility to strengthen its fighting ability and facilitate improved efficiency.

This new work will take place in three areas: 1) streamlining the chain of command, 2) improving protocols for Fleet advancement and development, and 3) strengthening our recruiting and retention tools.


Future communiqués will elaborate on each of these points, as well as specific projects and tasks that will offer captains a greater opportunity to take a leading role in the Fleet.

In the meantime, as part of initiating this process, I am asking all captains and personnel to submit suggestions and ideas to me directly for improving the functioning and activity of the 1st Fleet. I will accept such replies for 14 days following the posting of this communiqué. You can mail me in-world (handle: @schreader1718), PM them to me over Facebook (profile: Martin Sayles), or message me through the Fleet's current website: (username: schreader1718). After 14 days, I will go through the suggestions and ideas, then come to the Fleet as a whole for advice and consent.

I look forward to hearing from you all in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, may your course stay true and the stars never deceive you.

FADM Martin Seton

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Darkclown When should we expect part 2?

Fleet Admiral on deck!

Admin posted May 14, 15

Hello, everyone!

Since FADM Junior has stepped down and relieved of his responsibilities, command of the 1st Fleet has been placed in the hands of myself and FADM Alien (Comrade_Alien). As per his request, day-to-day responsibility for the Fleet is in my hands. This is a big job and it will take a little time to complete the transition, so please be patient with me as I settle in to this new position.

I will endeavor to be in-world at least once a day, either as my main character, Martin Seton, or as my DR alt, Renner. Over time, I will introduce some new procedures for captains regarding how we function as a fleet. I am just as committed to maintaining the same spirit of fun and friendship that this fleet has always been. It was that spirit that brought me into the Borg Defiants three years ago, and it is what keeps me here today.

I encourage all those who wish to maintain regular contact with me to send a friend request to the handle @schreader1718. If I am not in-world when an urgent question arises, you can always reach me on Facebook (Martin Sayles).

I look forward to working with you all in the coming period of time. And, as Junior was always fond of saying: Have fun!

With regards,
FADM Martin Seton

Borg Defiants Gaming!

Admin posted May 13, 15

Dear Captains,

On a previous post Former Community Lead and Fleet Admiral Junior posted that, Borg Defiants Gaming would be passing to the "Great Hall of Former Communities" this in a sense is true. However, looking at the situation and looking back at almost 3 years of Borg Defiants, that decision was overriden and now Borg Defiants will continue to stay, but there are a few changes.

Borg Defiants Gaming ceases to exist as a muti-gaming community and thus, the following communities have been dropped and abandoned:

Looney-Toonz (DDO)

Shadow One Crew (GTA V)

Black Phantoms (Ghost Recon: Phantoms)

Borg Defiants will now be a Star Trek Online only community, which will include ONLY the following communities:

The 1st Fleet (United Federation of Planets)

The 1st House (Klingon Defense Force)

There are possibilites for further additions to this list, if and only if, new communities are created to serve as reserve fleets for The 1st Fleet and The 1st House.

This also means that the website will be modified a little to accomoted this change and be as it was before. Please wait more info on this soon.

This is all the news we have for you today, please standby for an important post in regards to new roles opened on our website and social medias.

~ The Borg Defiants

Distinguished Officer
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