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Terms of Usage
Hello Community Member,

As we wish to make our website an awesome place to enjoy we have set several rules or guidelines to be follow in order to ensure this site is enjoyable and a great place for other members to use!

The Following Rules (Guidelines) apply to but are not limited; posting, signatures, custom avatars, profile information, voice comms, In-game Chat Channel and any other aspect involving the usage of this website and forums:

Please understand that everything in the forums post may not be accurate.
Borg Defiants is not responsible for the posting and promotions of such post and information.

Moderators can issue warnings or edit post to remove content that violates the Borg Defiants Guidelines and Rules. Moderators are chosen by the Fleet Admirals (Admin) and maybe given if a member is a Admiral.

Community Moderators
Borg Defiants uses Community Moderators in order to enforce the Borg Defiants Guidelines and Rules. Community Moderators may not issue bans, account suspensions, but may edit posts in order to remove content that violates the Borg Defiants Guidelines and Rules. Community Moderators are chosen by the Fleet Admirals themselves. Fleet Admirlas make the final say on Community Moderators. Community Members can apply to become Community Moderators. Community Moderators are volunteer Community Members that are not paid. Community Moderators do not have the same views as the Borg Defiants staff (Command Center).

Recruiting or Promoting of other fleets
Recruiting and Promotion for other fleets is NOT allowed, if someone is catch promoting or recruiting on the Borg Defiants Website or Forums, such member of that is found Promoting or Recruiting for another fleet that is not related to Borg Defiants he/she will be warned and or may have hes/her account banned.

Borg Defiants Point System
5: 5 day ban.
10: 10 day ban.
15: 15 day ban.
20+: permanent ban.
Points may only be given by a Command Center Staff Member(Leader-Admin). Community Moderators may not give points, though may suggest to Command Center Staff Member, and may warn user.

Community Moderators, Moderators and Admins can issue warns when removing or editing content that violates Borg Defiants Guidelines and Rules. These Warnings will not affect a user's account.

The repeating of a word, quote, line, saying, image is not allowed. Community Moderators, Moderators, and Admins may edit a post to remove such content.

Harassing/Trolling/Drug/Obscene/Vulgar/Inappropriate Material
Harassing of another user is not allowed. Trolling on the forums will not be allowed at any times. The usage or posting of hyperlinks, links, websites, or other places including but not limited to Drug-Obscene-Vulgar-Inappropriate Material is NOT allowed.

Again, we want Borg Defiants to be a friendly, fun, helpful, enjoyable experience for other and our Community Members.

~ The Command Center
I have read and understand the Terms Of Usage and wish to proceed.
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